Flu Fighters

Don’t wait for cold weather to set in. Get your flu shot NOW!

Health families are happy families. And a healthy workforce is a key component for a successful business. Protect your family and your colleagues by finding a flu shot clinics. Health Fair 11 has been a flu shot advocate for two decades. Nearly 890,000 flu shots have been administered by nurses at our Flu Fighters clinics.  The program is available to businesses of all sizes, community organizations, and civic groups.

Health Fair 11 launches the next evolution in flu shot clinics. Why come to us when we will come to you?

To schedule a clinic, call 612-617-7424 or email flufighter@mvna.org. For additional information, check out www.mvna.org .

Now is the time to schedule Flu Fighters clinics.

It’s not hard to find a flu shot. They are available at almost every doctor’s office, pharmacy or grocery store. But Health Fair 11 has made it even easier to get vaccinated.  We will bring the flu vaccinations to your business, office, workplace, or community gathering.

For nearly two decades Health Fair 11 and MVNA have encouraged people to get vaccinated at one of our Flu Fighter clinics.

Flu season predictions

The severity of a flu season varies from year to year. The Minnesota Department of Health reports 2,100+ people were hospitalized during last flu season due to influenza. Outbreaks were recorded in more than 200 schools.

What will this flu season bring? Influenza experts say there’s no way to predict a flu season’s severity. Most medical professionals agree: the best way to avoid the flu is by getting a yearly flu vaccination.

Act now to schedule a Flu Fighter clinics

Business owners, human resource officers, workplace wellness coordinators, and community organizers are encouraged take action now, well before the flu season starts. People responsible for arranging employee wellness programs can start booking now for Flu Fighter To-Go clinics to take place in the fall.

Flu Fighter To-Go clinics are available October thru December. To schedule a clinic, call 612-617-7424 or email flufighter@mvna.org. For additional information, check out  www.mvna.org

The Flu Fighter To-Go program was created by Health Fair 11, a nonprofit organization that operates with support from UCare and KARE 11 TV. Clinics are coordinated and staffed by MVNA.

MVNA is a nonprofit, home and community health care provider.  It has been in serving the community since 1902 and provides care to thousands annually through these service lines: Adult Health, Community Health, Family Health and Hospice.   When you partner with MVNA, proceeds support in-home nursing visits. Flu Fighter clinics help offset the cost of care for those with limited financial means so that MVNA can make a greater impact in the community.

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